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    Thank you for your interest in the Pediatric Residency Program offered by the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.

    Our three-year accredited program will provide you with exposure to a wide range of clinical problems of varied complexity as well as in-depth experience in primary care and continuity of care. You will receive broad experience in all aspects of human growth and development from conception through the neonatal period, infancy, childhood and adolescence.

  • Why Iowa?

    Children's Hospital View from Kinnick

    Our first-rate pediatric physician practice will expose you to the widest range of patients and learning situations. Our community will provide a high quality of living. And you'll find a salary and benefit package that competes favorably with accredited programs in an academic medical setting.

    Our Facilities
    UI Children's Hospital is the region's largest children's hospital.
    Our Graduates
    We're proud of the opportunities our residency graduates step into based on their preparation.
    Iowa City, Iowa
    Few cities can match our opportunities for living, learning, and recreation.
    Our pay and care benefits make us a favorite choice among prospective residents.

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  • Resident Profiles

    • Baiba Steinbrekera

      Dr. Baiba Steinbrekera

      Iowa has a great residency program with an amazing NICU. After graduating from the University of Iowa Pediatric Residency Program, the opportunities to move forward in your medical career are endless. All doors are open.

    • Chad Dallon, MD

      Dr. Chad Dallon

      I love UIHC Pediatrics. Having done medical school here, I saw first hand how friendly and helpful everybody in the Pediatric department is. Education and patient care are important to everybody, and it shows.

    • Dan Pelzer

      Dr. Dan Pelzer

      I chose Pediatrics at Iowa because the faculty are great teachers, the program staff is excellent, and the Iowa City area is a comfortable place to call home.

    • Kate Robb

      Dr. Kate Robb

      As a med student at Iowa, the program here really set the standard against which all other programs were compared. As I traveled to different interviews, it was apparent that no other institution could offer the same combination of excellent patient care, diverse subspecialty exposure, and above all, great people that I found at the University of Iowa. At the end of the day, Iowa was absolutely my first choice.

    • Kathryn Shunk

      Dr. Kathryn Shunk

      I chose Iowa for a new, change of pace lifestyle and because the residents and staff were incredible and friendly, they offer great benefits, housing is affordable, and also because the programs at UIHC are highly ranked and the learning experience is top notch!

    • Katie Shearer

      Dr. Katie Shearer

      I grew up in Ohio and moved to Iowa for medical school. I was not sure what to expect, but I have been happily surprised. I have loved it so much that I chose to stay for residency. The people here are happy and it shows.

    • Megan Holec

      Dr. Megan Holec

      Being from Minnesota, I never thought I'd like Iowa so much. The faculty, residents, and staff are amazing here. Iowa stands out because of the amazing people here.

    • Morgan Grundstad

      Dr. Morgan Grundstad

      I chose Iowa mostly because of the people - down to earth, hard-working, and fun. I like the university program with the community feel that is present here at Iowa. I felt that I was welcomed with an energy that was unmatched anywhere else.

    • Osayame Ekhaguere

      Dr. Osayame Ekhaguere

      I decided that Iowa was the right fit for me after spending two years getting my MPH. Everyone here is welcoming, helpful, and committed to your professional and personal growth and development. It feels like home away from home.

    • Shawki Qasim

      Dr. Shawki Qasim

      Iowa has a quite beautiful countryside, is family friendly, has diversity, is an IMG-friendly program, and has a strong Pediatric program. I have always been a fan of an intermediate sized midstern program that is IMG-friendly.

    • Tate Lage

      Dr. Tate Lage

      The best thing about the program is the great people. During my interview I felt this was the place where I would fit best while still receiving outstanding training.

    • Tracey Harris

      Dr. Tracey Harris

      I chose Iowa for many reasons, both personal and for my husband. It really boils down to the resident and staff enthusiasm for education and patient care.

    • William Klutho

      Dr. William Klutho

      I chose the University of Iowa Pediatric Residency Program because it is highly ranked in all pediatric categories, Iowa City is a good place to raise a family, and there was noticeable resident camaraderie during my interview day.

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