Why Choose Us?

The University of Iowa has long been recognized as a pioneer in the diagnosis and treatment of speech and hearing disorders. World-renowned faculty and staff in UI Health Care treat patients who come from around the globe. Innovations in cochlear implants that grew out of research conducted at the UI have benefited uncountable numbers of patients. Psychologist Wendell Johnson was one of the earliest and most influential researchers and clinicians focusing on stuttering. The UI's speech and hearing center bears his name.

  • We were the first hospital in the United States to implant a multichannel cochlear implant that helps deaf patients hear sounds that can be interpreted as speech.
  • The University of Iowa is home to the world's largest NIH-funded center devoted to cochlear implant clinical research and the only NIH clinical center for the study of cochlear implant technologies.
  • We were the first hospital in the world to implant a multichannel cochlear implant in a congenitally deaf child.
  • We developed a new type of cochlear implant that combines residual acoustic hearing with cochlear implant technology that provides improved word understanding and near-normal appreciation of music.
  • We developed an implantable, artificial inner ear for treatment of deafness in 1995.
  • We led the nation's largest clinical trial for tinnitus (ringing in the ears) ever funded by the government.

Academic Departments that Provide Speech and Hearing Disorder Care