Why Choose Us?

Our world-renowned specialists provide Iowa's most comprehensive array of eye health services, ranging from routine eye care to cutting-edge diagnosis and treatment of complex eye conditions.

  • Our clinical services for ophthalmology were ranked 8th in the nation by U.S. News & World Report in 2014.
  • We created the first center for macular degeneration in the United States, providing patient care while also conducting research into more effective treatments and possible prevention of the disease.
  • Our researchers discovered the first known gene to cause human open-angle glaucoma, as well as a number of other genes responsible for rare forms of retinal disease.
  • We are a world leader in the research and treatment of inherited eye diseases affecting adults and children.
  • UI is a leader in the treatment of retinoblastomas, ocular melanoma, and periocular skin cancers.
  • We have the only neuro-ophthalmology service in Iowa.
  • We performed 265 cornea transplants in a recent year.
  • We offer a comprehensive low vision and vision rehabilitation service to help individuals maximize their vision and lead productive lives.

Academic Departments that Provide Ophthalmology Care