Why Choose Us?

UI Hospitals and Clinics is ranked 33rd in the nation in neurology and neurosurgery by U.S. News & World Report (2014). That ranking is based on the superb clinical staff and the UI's long history of leadership in studying disorders of the brain and nervous system. Patients come from around the world to be seen by our experts.

  • Our stroke program again appeared in the USA Today as part of an ad campaign by The American Heart Association, earning Comprehensive Stroke Center status, the highest level of stroke care certification. Comprehensive Stroke Center status identifies hospitals that meet standards for treating the most complex stroke cases.
  • We were the first hospital in Iowa to perform an auditory brain stem implant (1990-1999).
  • We were the first hospital to find conclusive signs of different brain activity in introverts and extroverts (1990-1999).
  • A UI team found a gene mutation associated with epilepsy.
  • The Department of Neurology is one of the three oldest in the country and its residency program was one of the first to be accredited in the 1920s.
  • UI Hospitals and Clinics is the only hospital in the United States with a high-fidelity driving simulator for assessing the safety of drivers with health problems such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, sleep disorders, orthopaedic problems, and drug effects (2000-present).
  • The Neurosurgical Anesthesia Service at UI Hospitals and Clinics does more than 1,700 neurosurgical anesthetics per year, at all levels of complexity.
  • The UI Sleep Disorders Center was selected as a site for a drug study for people with persistent sleepiness.
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  • Iowa Comprehensive Epilepsy Program is recognized by the NAEC as a Level 4 epilepsy center. Level 4 epilepsy centers have the professional expertise and facilities to provide the highest level medical and surgical evaluation and treatment for patients with complex epilepsy (2014).

Academic Departments that Provide Neurology and Neurosurgery Care