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Senior Health

 Best Regional Hospital 2015 Geriatrics

Today, people are living longer than ever before. While many seniors live active and healthy lives, there is no denying that as you age your body and mind change.

Our care meets the complex needs of older people. Our physicians offer patient-centered care that includes maintaining your health as well as preventing and treating disease. Our senior health teams include geriatric specialists, nurses, primary care providers, pharmacists, therapists and nutritionists.

Our care services for seniors includes both comprehensive care for your general well-being as well as specialty care:

Why Choose Us?

As the only academic medical center in a state with one of the largest populations of seniors in the country, UI Hospitals and Clinics has a long history of helping seniors lead longer, happier and healthier lives. We have a robust research program examining both the causes and treatments for diseases and conditions that affect aging Americans. We also serve as a resource for seniors, their families and community agencies that work on behalf of seniors. The result is one of the best senior health centers in the world.

  • Named a High Performing Program by U.S. News & World Report (2014).
  • Multidisciplinary teams from across UI Health Care focus on senior health from prevention to rehabilitation.
  • The UI Center on Aging is a state and national resource for seniors and agencies.
  • The UI's Seniors Together in Aging Research (STAR) registry facilitates the inclusion of older adults in human subject research.
  • The UI Geriatric Education Center brings together the UI's health colleges and other diverse resources for developing programs in geriatric education.

Academic Departments that Provide Senior Health Care