Enhance Recruitment and Promote Research Studies

Volunteers are Ready to Participate

We help connect researchers with willing volunteers.

You can promote your IRB-approved studies on the University of Iowa Healthcare website. Over 41,000 people have visited this site since Fall, 2012, to learn about potential volunteer opportunities.

Please follow these directions to promote your study.

  1. From an on-campus computer, visit the recruitment website and sign in using your Health Care ID and password.
  2. Click "Create a new advertisement."
  3. Follow the instructions to enter your details and IRB-approved advertising content.
  4. Submit the form by clicking on the “Submit ” button.
  5. Your study will be reviewed for publication by ICTS staff as soon as possible. 

Need more subjects?

Visit ResearchMatch.org. The University of Iowa Institute for Clinical and Translational Science is the headquarters for ResearchMatch in Iowa. ResearchMatch.org, a national not-for-profit recruitment registry for volunteers willing to learn about research volunteer opportunities, exists to help investigators find qualified study participants. Only authorized investigators and study staff with active, IRB-approved protocols at a participating institution may use the ResearchMatch registry to search for volunteers. It is maintained by Vanderbilt University and is overseen by the Vanderbilt Institutional Review Board to ensure protection.