IVF Iowa Warranty Program

The IOWarranty program is an option to financially assist patients without IVF insurance. Patients must medically qualify to be part of Warranty. Once a patient has qualified and elects to be part of the IOWarranty program there is an upfront payment for the IVF cycle ($16,000 Iowa City based - $15720 Davenport clinic based) that covers medical treatment related to a standard fresh IVF cycle (medications not included in this fee). If the IVF fresh cycle is successful then there is no refund as there has been a successful outcome. If there is not a viable pregnancy from the fresh cycle then a patient can come back for frozen cycles without additional medical cost (medication fees are not included). If any cycle – fresh or frozen – results in a viable pregnancy there is no refund. However if all embryos have been utilized and there is not a viable pregnancy the patient will be refunded per below (based on age): Iowa City Clinic based patient:

  • Age less than or equal to 34 = $14,500
  • Age 35-37 = $13,500
  • Age 38-39 = $12,500

Davenport Clinic based patient:

  • Age less than or equal to 34 = $14,220
  • Age 35-37 = $13,220
  • Age 38-39 = $12,220

Our Iowa Warranty Program is a “One Cycle” Option

First, our success rates are high and many couples can succeed quickly. While other programs offer a “3 cycle option”, we recognize that treatment failures are stressful and that some couples cannot face up to 3 fresh cycles plus all frozen cycles, particularly in a year. If you are not successful following the utilization of all embryos from the initial retrieval, you receive your refundable portion and you decide whether to stop or continue additional treatment.

Single Embryo Transfer

We have developed a program of mandatory single embryo transfer (SET) for patients who have a good prognosis for IVF treatment success (less than age 38, no history of failed IVF cycles at our program, and the development of at least one good quality blastocyst). Starting at their initial clinic visit, patients are educated about risks of multiple gestations and expected outcomes after SET. We have found that selectively applying single embryo transfer to good prognosis patient’s results in immediate pregnancy rates equal to those for patients having two embryos transferred. We strive for one healthy baby at a time.

Learn more about our signle embryo transfer on Fertility Chase, a TV show which featured our staff and our patients...it may just be the information you're looking for!