Décolletage Perfect Fit Boutique

Mastectomy Boutique for You

UI Community HomeCare has opened a mastectomy boutique, “Décolletage Perfect Fit Boutique.” Located at 2771 Oakdale Blvd., Suite 4 in Coralville, Décolletage offers women that have undergone breast procedures not only custom-fit bras and prosthetics, but a chic and comfortable environment, complete with glittering chandeliers and luxurious chairs.

“This will be a place where a woman will know that she is welcome and will be taken care of,” stresses Cheryl Schlote, boutique manager and Certified Mastectomy Fitter. Décolletage even has a private massage chair room where women can relax with music and a cup of tea or coffee. The shop also sells skin-sensitive clothing for those undergoing certain cancer treatments, as well as full coverage hats, scarves, shoes, jewelry, and gifts.


Cheryl Schlote, certified mastectomy fitter, explains the differences in mastectomy bras and breast forms.