An Environmentally Friendly Place

Our patients and staff will benefit from several environmentally friendly features built into University of Iowa Health Care - Iowa River Landing.

Energy Use

  • Natural lighting from windows illuminates hallways, offices, and reception areas throughout the building, reducing the electrical demand in those areas.
  • LED lighting in many locations produces adequate lighting at a fraction of the electrical cost of conventional incandescent or fluorescent lighting.
  • UI Health Care - Iowa River Landing architects anticipate 30 percent energy reduction compared to similar-sized buildings. An innovative cooling system using variable refrigerant flow (VRF) technology, exterior shades that minimize solar heating, and energy-efficient insulated glass all contribute to these energy savings.

Water Conservation

  • A water treatment system collects rainwater falling on the grounds and on the building and processes it before it runs into the nearby Iowa River, reducing erosion and filtering out surface contaminants.
  • The facility will consume 20 percent less water than conventional buildings through the use of advanced plumbing fixtures, such as low-volume flush toilets.
  • Landscaping across the site contains native plant species adapted to our climate, reducing the need for excess watering.

Healthy Building

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  • Quality construction for the building’s exterior, verified through third party testing, assures a tight envelope protecting occupants from outside drafts and moisture seepage.
  • Contractors have used best practices for indoor air quality, protecting staff and patients from airborne dust and contaminants in equipment and ductwork.
  • Non-toxic materials were selected for use throughout the building including adhesives, sealants, and finishes like flooring, paint, and ceiling tile.

Choice of Building Materials

  • Architects have designed the building with reflective roofing and heat reflecting material around the building to promote cooling.
  • More than 20 percent of the facility’s building materials are made from recycled content.
  • More than 20 percent of the building’s materials are from within 500 miles of Iowa City, helping reduce transportation costs and emissions.
  • More than 75 percent of construction waste from the project will be reused or recycled, diverting those materials from local landfills.


  • The land chosen for UI Health Care - Iowa River Landing had earlier been designated as a brownfield: a former industrial site that has been cleaned. Local and federal government bodies champion the redevelopment of brownfields.
  • UI Health Care - Iowa River Landing takes advantage of proximity to bike and walking trails to encourage eco-commuting. It is also located near the Coralville Intermodal Project, which offers public transportation options.
  • Designers have encouraged staff to consider green ways to commute to work. The facility features bicycle parking and locker rooms for cycling commuters and charging stations for electric cars.

Greener Parking

  • One of the attractions of UI Health Care – Iowa River Landing is free patient parking next to the facility. The green design for our parking structure includes:
    • LED lighting to reduce electrical use
    • Plantings on the roofs to help with cooling and water runoff
    • Lockers for bike storage
    • Recharging stations for electric cars
    • A trellis system on the building’s sides to allow leafy vines to grow to the height of the building, offering a shady buffer that also helps filter car emissions