Directions to Decedent Care Center - Autopsy Service

 Walking and parking directions to the Decedent Care Center
As you enter the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics main drive, follow the signs to Parking Ramp 1. (See links below for driving directions and a map):

After parking in Ramp 1, proceed directly across the east side street as you exit the elevator lobby. After you cross, take a few steps to the left to enter the UI Hospitals and Clinics. Once inside the UI Hospitals and Clinics, make a sharp right followed by an immediate left, entering a main hallway. Proceed straight down that hallway (heading east) to the end of the hall (you will cross a large wooden compass on the floor about half-way down the hall). At the end of the hallway you will arrive at a doorway marked E-140 GH (General Hospital). There is a phone to the left of the door. Pick up the phone and dial 7-7000. Identify yourself to the answering staff member and state the purpose of your visit. The staff person will let you in to the DCC.

NOTE: If you choose to use valet parking or enter through another area of the UIHC, proceed to the main information desk. Ask a desk attendant for directions to the Decedent Care Center.