Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center Survivorship Clinics

A person becomes a cancer survivor the moment he or she hears the words "you have cancer".

The Holden Comprehensive Care Center Survivorship Clinics are here to address your health as a cancer survivor, focusing on your post-treatment needs. With a referral from your doctor, nurse practitioners and/or Physician Assistants will work to provide care and resources specific to you. Whether you received primary cancer treatment from University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics or another facility, you can become a patient in one of our survivorship clinics.

After conducting a physical exam and reviewing your medical history, staff members will care for any side effects or long-term effects of your treatment, talking with your cancer doctors when necessary. They will also refer you to specialists, support services, and other resources as needed, in order to ensure a well-rounded care experience. 

We will also create a personalized cancer survivorship plan for you. This plan includes a summary of your treatment and a recommended follow-up plan to be shared with your care team, including your Primary Care Provider. Education is a top priority in reducing your risk of further disease through proper diet and exercise, stopping smoking, and other healthy behaviors, and will be emphasized during your time with us.

Cancer survivorship is a team effort; we plan care with your needs in mind. The Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center Survivorship Clinics understand there is a life beyond cancer, and we are dedicated to making sure you get there.