Creative Media Group

Whether you are promoting, recruiting or educating, your project should reflect the professional standards of your department and the University. Creative Media Group's photography provides quality, cost-effective and professional service.



Every picture tells a story, and Creative Media Group makes sure it’s the one you want to convey. We can capture the face of your program, document events, illustrate research and create meaningful and lasting images that people will remember, in print or online.

Creative Media Group’s premium digital photo services include portraits, studio photography, professional location shots, event photos and more. We offer expert retouching and enhancement.

We maintain a library of reasonalby priced stock photography depicting campus and the community.


Creative Media Group is part of the New Media Division of the University of Iowa Health Care Marketing and Communications department and supports the marketing, communications, and external relations activities across UI Health Care's education, research and patient care missions.

Directions to Creative Media Group

Creative Media Group's office is located in Westlawn, which is just east of Newton Road Ramp.

To find our offices, enter Westlawn's main door (Student Health) and take the elevator to the fifth floor. Turn left into the main hallway and follow it all the way to the end.

Small Map of Creative Media Group Location

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