Family and Individual Counseling

Facing the diagnosis and treatment of cancer takes courage and strength. Though no one can take away the emotional pain, the social stressors and the physical symptoms that accompany cancer and its treatments, the resources below can help you through your cancer journey.

  • Social Work: Social Workers are available to help you with questions about mental, emotional, spiritual, family or community support. Please ask your nurse or doctor to help arrange a meeting with a social worker.

  • Cancer Center Psychology Services: A therapist can help you manage the emotional difficulties associated with cancer, like depression and anxiety, relationship problems, personal and work-related problems among others. Please talk with your doctor, your nurse or social workers about referring you to a therapist if you are having such difficulties.

  • Behavioral Oncology Clinic: Located at the medicine sub-specialty clinics, is run by an internist and a psychiatrist to help patients with all issues related to their cancer such as coping difficulties, depression or anxiety, chemotherapy side effects, or other physical symptoms. We treat the cancer patient as a whole, rather than focus only on the patient’s biological and medical problems.

  • General Psychiatry Clinic: Psychiatrists are available to help you with mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, dimentias and other disorders. Please talk with your doctor or nurse about referring you to a psychiatrist if you feel you may be afflicted by a mental illness. Dr. Scott Temple, PhD specializes in the treatment of mental illnesses in those diagnosed with or treating cancer.