Oncology Registry

The Oncology Registry at Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center records the significant elements of the history and treatment of patients with cancer, precancerous, and/or certain benign conditions. The registry is a data collection and reporting system managed by health care professionals. We invite you to participate in our efforts to make the Oncology Registry information as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

The 2010 Report provides data about cancer cases treated throughout the state of Iowa during the calendar year 2009.

Your Story Is Important

The history you share provides useful information to advance our understanding of cancer. The Oncology Registry with the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center at University of Iowa Health Care collects and manages this data about cancer patients, helping physicians and researchers in every aspect of patient care — from investigating the cause of cancer, to making the diagnosis, and tracking the effectiveness of treatment.

When you participate, you contribute to the larger picture by:

  • Helping create a better understanding of cancer and other conditions
  • Serving as a rich resource for oncologists and researchers conducting clinical and medical studies
  • Adding to the improved care of future patients

Your Story Is Safe with Us

Only aggregate data are analyzed and published. Your name is never used. The information we collect will be used by:

  • UI Health Care physicians
  • UI Holden Cancer Center specialists
  • Medical educators
  • State Health Registry of Iowa
  • National Cancer Database
  • National Cancer Institute

Joining Is Simple

You don't have to do anything. You are automatically part of the program unless you do not want to participate. If you have not been seen by a UI Health Care physician or had other contact with us in a 12-month period, you will receive a questionnaire asking for updated information on your health.

Your progress will be monitored and assessed for your lifetime, or as long as you want to be part of the program. Lifetime assessments are crucial to compile accurate statistical data for hospital, state, and nationwide registries. Follow-up is important so we can rank your current health status, and record new treatment information. The registry maintains contact with your physician and reviews your medical record when you come for periodic checkups.

If you do not wish to participate in the UI Oncology Registry, please contact us.