Certified Dog Visit - Handler Guidelines

The Certified Dog Visitation Program is coordinated by the Department of Rehabilitation Therapies at UI Hospitals and Clinics. Handlers of Delta Society certified dogs may contact the Department of Rehabilitation Therapies at 319-356-2663 to begin the application process.

Check List for UI Hospitals and Clinics Pet Partner Teams

  • Recreation Therapist (RT) sends application and guidelines for handlers to potential teams certified by Pet Partners®
  • RT schedules a screening interview with pet partner team. At interview:
    • RT assesses team for appropriateness for program
    • RT explains program participation requirements:
      • Handler must become UI Hospitals and Clinics volunteer, attend volunteer orientation, pass criminal background check clearance, two-step TB test and proof of immunization, 10 hours through Volunteer Services (VS) office
      • Handler must maintain active UI Hospitals and Clinics volunteer status:
        • Obtain annual TB test, competency quiz
        • Record volunteer hours by logging in and out on touchscreen in VS office for each visit
      • Team must keep Pet Partners® Certification current and provide this information and the annual health certificate (G-30b) to VS
    • RT instructs handler to schedule VS orientation, Call 319-356-2525 or go online for orientation information.
    • RT measures dog for vest
  • RT to forward pet partner names to VS Director
  • Handler completes volunteer intake process and schedules first interview with VS Director at 319-356-2515. At this interview, handler provides VS with a copy of their Pet Partners® badge for their file and receives:
    • Health certificate (G-30b)
    • Responsibility waiver (G-30c)
  • When all documentation is complete, the handler will be given paperwork to obtain the volunteer photo id badge
  • Once the handler has obtained their volunteer photo id badge, the handler should contact RT at 319-353-7452 to schedule shadow of experienced team on dog visit
  • RT contacts handler to schedule first visit with RT or experienced team handler