Certified Dog Visit - Patient Guidelines

Prior to a Hospital Visit

  1. Ask your nurse if you would qualify for a dog visit.
    1. You must not have an infection at this time.
    2. Your roommate must also agree to the visit.
    3. You and your roommate must not have any allergies to dogs.
    4. A "consent for participation" form must be completed before the visit.
  2. Visit Request
    1. If you meet the criteria, all necessary forms must be completed, and then they will be sent to the Department of Rehabilitation Therapies.
    2. Once these forms have been processed, a visit will be arranged for you. Please note this may take up to one week.
    3. Every effort will be made to accommodate your request. However, there may be times when a dog/handler team may not be available.

Day of a Hospital Visit

  1. The dog's handler* will be present throughout the visit.
  2. You will need to wash your hands before and after the visit.
  3. A sheet will be placed on your bed to catch the dog hair.
  4. Let the handler know what you feel most comfortable with, just petting the dog or having the dog lie next to you.
  5. The handler cannot take off the leash and cannot leave the dog.
  6. Feel free to ask the handler any questions about the dog.
  7. Do not give the dog any food other than the treats supplied by the handler.
  8. Understand the visit will need to stop at any point when the handler thinks the dog needs a break. Another visit can be arranged at a later date if you wish.
  9. Please fill out the evaluation form at the end of the visit. Your input is crucial to having a successful certified dog visitation program.

*The handler is the person who has been certified to visit with this dog. In most cases, this will be the dog's owner.