Bioinformatics Core

Director: Thomas L. Casavant, PhD
Phone: 319-385-5953
Terry A. Braun, PhD
Phone: 319-335-6285
Bartley B. Brown, PhD
Phone: 319-336-6432


To provide bioinformatics support for Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center investigators in the design, data collection/archiving and analysis of high-throughput genomics assays in cancer research projects.

Examples of Services Provided:

  • Consultation on study design, selection of technology platforms and formulation of hypotheses
  • Specification of appropriate software tools and methods for data analysi
  • Database creation (DNA sequence, RNA expression, Proteomics, etc)
  • Protocol development
  • Information Technology Consulation
  • Data and experiment analysis
  • Assistance in preparation of manuscripts
  • Education and training

Assistance is available on all types of projects, ranging from clinical trials to basic science experiments. Early consultation during the design of a study may be especially beneficial. Response times are generally quick.

The Core Can:

  • Assist you in being able to use your time more efficiently
  • Help to derive more from your research
  • Provide advice in preparing papers that may be more readily published
  • Assist in sorting out technology selection (microarrays, high-throughput sequencing, etc)

How Do You Begin?

Basic questions can often be answered over the telephone or by e-mail. Other projects are best discussed first in person (especially at the design stage).

Straightforward data analysis projects can often be completed entirely by e-mail. Email Drs. Casavant, Braun and Brown. They will be happy to respond to email inquiries.

Data can be sent as flat files or as Excel spreadsheets.

Results and interpretation can often be sent back to you electronically, or posted on a secure sftp or https site.