Cancer Education and Information

Holden takes its role to educate the public about cancer prevention and cancer care resources very seriously. It's embodied in our invitation to "Never Stop Asking®." Here are some of the ways that we are helping to educate patients, the public, and health care providers about cancer.

Informing Patients and the Public

Education and Information

The Cancer Resource Center staff helps to find basic facts and information about cancer for patients, family members, and the general public. Anyone can talk to Cancer Resource Center staff. They are located in the cancer center and are available for in-person discussions or through the e-mail form on this page. Just click on "Ask a Question."

Holden is also a member of the Iowa Cancer Consortium (ICC), a partnership of health care providers, researchers, cancer survivors, and others who work together to reduce the burden of cancer in Iowa. Find out more about their services at the Iowa Cancer consortium website.

Educating Professionals

The more than 200 faculty clinicians and researchers who are members of Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center are also teachers and mentors. They have chosen to pursue careers in an academic setting and are committed to preparing new generations of researchers and clinicians. Holden's students include:

  • Undergraduates at the University and from throughout the state who work as laboratory assistants in cancer research labs
  • Graduate students in a wide range of disciplines who hold research assistantships under the supervision of faculty researchers
  • Health care students—in fields like nursing, pharmacy, medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, and psychology—who train in clinical settings alongside their professional mentors
  • Professionals in health care fields who look to the expertise of Holden clinicians and researchers to help keep their understanding of the field up-to-date and in synch with current treatment modalities
  • Members of the public who attend Holden seminars to learn more about cancer risks, prevention and treatment options

Watch and Learn

Watch our whiteboard videos to learn more about various cancer topics from our own experts.

How Cancer Spreads (Metastasis) - Michael Henry, PhD


The Genetics Behind Cancer Treatment, Aaron Bossler, MD, PhD