Organizing a Successful Blood Drive

What is your potential for a successful drive?

A great way to figure this out is to find out how many donors would be interested in participating in a blood drive. Ask others to put their name on a list of interested participants; this can be done via email, posters, or commitments sheets. Use the benefits of word-of-mouth advertising. Talk to people in your group and get their feedback to determine interest level.

Set a date

  • When choosing a day and time, consider the appropriate time of day for the group of donors participating.
  • Think about time of year, peak vacation times (including you, as the sponsor), scheduled events, etc.
  • Drives are typically scheduled for a 4 hour time frame, but can be adjusted to what is best considering your group of donors.
  • These should be the 4 hours of the day when the majority of the potential donors are available.

Choose a location

  • Tour the potential site with the Blood Drive Coordinator.
  • Choose a location that is convenient for your group of donors.
  • Discuss traffic flow, space requirements, restroom access, temperature, and lighting.

Set a goal

  • Consider the number of people in your group and discuss a goal with the Blood Drive Coordinator.

Get creative

  • Some ideas include organizing teams or offering rewards for certain achievements.
  • Consider extras like pizza parties, themes, contests.
  • Be as creative as you like and make it fun!

Before the Drive

The best strategy for a successful drive is direct contact! Ask group members to sign-up for the drive, one on one communication is proven to be the most effective way to promote the drive. The DeGowin Blood Center will provide sign-up sheets (and access to online sign-up), posters, flyers, bulletin inserts, and table tents, and pledge cards.

Lead the Drive

Remind donors of their scheduled times. Stay in close contact with the Blood Drive Coordinator to fine tune details of the drive. Be sure to be available (or have a designee pre-assigned) the day of the drive for last minute questions and group support.

Acknowledge Donors

Recognize the donors and thank them for their wonderful contribution! Remind each donor that their gift is helping our local community to meet its blood needs and they have helped make a difference in someone's life.

And finally...

Always feel free to ask questions during the process! The DeGowin Blood Center is there to help you make your drive as successful as possible.

Blood Drive Planning Checklist

6 to 8 Weeks Before the Drive

  • Meet with the Blood Drive Coordinator to create a plan and discuss procedures.
  • Obtain internal approvals needed to host the blood drive.
  • Set a date and time for the drive-the sooner it is on the calendar, the better!
  • Discuss possible locations and check availability.
  • Tour the location with the Blood Drive Coordinator to check traffic flow, space necessities, parking arrangements, building access, building security requirements, loading/unloading access, lighting, and restroom access.
  • Set goal for number of donations.
  • Discuss promotional materials with the Blood Drive Coordinator. Choose from types of materials offered and numbers of each. (Posters, flyers, table tents, bulletin inserts, pledge cards and other needed supplies are provided for you.)
  • Discuss sign-up sheets, online sign-up, and sponsor's contact information.
  • Contact any fellow staff/volunteers to discuss goals for the drive and plan their involvement.

3 to 4 Weeks Before the Drive

  • Receive promotional materials and distribute them. Spread the word of the drive date and time via bulletins, newsletters, emails, word of mouth,
  • Begin active recruitment of donors. Person to person contact will always produce the most successful results. Personally ask individuals to sign up for an appointment time and thank them for their support! Call from a list of possible donors (whether from a previous year's drive, an office list, organization membership directory, church directory, etc.) Set up a sign-up table--be energetic and enthusiastic when asking individuals to participate.
  • If using both the online sign-up and a hard copy sheet, coordinate the two often to avoid overlap.
  • Assume a 20% cancellation rate and schedule more donors than the intended goal to ensure the success of meeting that goal. (Example: goal = 100 donors, recruit 125 donors)
  • Communicate frequently with the Donor Recruitment Coordinator about sign-up progress and any questions you may have. Suggestions, help, and advice is always readily available!

One Week Before the Drive

  • Touch base with the Blood Drive Coordinator about sign-up sheets- Fax or email the most recent copy. (DeGowin Blood Center Fax #: 319-356-2987)
  • Remind donors of their appointment times.
  • Remind fellow employees, supervisors, and members of the date and time of the drive.

One to Three Days Before the Drive

  • Confirm that the number of donor appointments are sufficient for the set goal.
  • 1 Day Prior: Fax or email the most recent copy of the sign-up to the Blood Drive Coordinator.
  • Confirm room reservation and contact any necessary people to arrange furniture placement.
  • Remind donors of pre-donation information (bring a photo ID, eat a good meal...)
  • Confirm any volunteers needed the day of the drive.
  • Check to be sure all elevators are working for equipment loading/unloading.

Day of the Drive

  • Double check to be sure the room and the parking spaces are open.
  • Greet DeGowin staff (will arrive approximately 1 hour beforehand) and lead the way to the location.
  • Check with Charge Nurse about any temperature/lighting alterations.
  • Continue recruiting donors via face to face, announcements, and emails.
  • Thank donors personally for their donation and support.

After the Drive

  • Post results of the drive.
  • Thank donors!
  • Confirm/book the date of the next blood drive.