Nursing Quality and Outcomes Management Program

The Nursing Quality and Outcomes Management Program promotes quality and safety improvement through various activities. They address nurse-sensitive quality indicators, participate in national nursing databases such as NDNQI and NHSN, and conduct evidence-based performance improvement activities at the unit and department level.

A departmental Quality Management committee with representation of all levels of nurses, including bedside clinicians, facilitates the performance improvement (PI) process. Examples of associated PI work groups include:

  • S.T.A.R. Committee (skin team advocate and resource) - unit-based staff nurse skin experts dedicated to preventing hospital-acquired pressure ulcers
  • Pain Management Committee - staff nurse pain champions working to improve patient pain management
  • Falls Prevention Committee – a group of staff nurses, nurse leaders, a physical therapist, and a pharmacist working to prevent patient falls and fall-related injuries
  • Oral Mucositis Committee – co-chaired by a staff nurse, this group works to prevent and treat oral mucositis
  • Ergonomics Committee – a group of direct care staff who aim to reduce staff-related patient handling injuries through the use of evidence-based practices and patient handling equipment