Professional Nursing Practice Committee

The Professional Nursing Practice (PNP) Committee is one of the Shared Governance committees of the Department of Nursing Services and Patient Care. The PNP committee develops, evaluates, reviews and revises policies, procedures and standards of care related to professional nursing practice.

These policies, procedures and standards of care are evidence-based, incorporate research findings and best practices and reflect interdisciplinary collaboration as appropriate. In addition, the PNP advises the Central Nursing Office on professional and ethical issues related to nursing or other staff members.

The Department of Nursing Services and Patient Care uses the Nursing Practices reference Clinical Nursing Skills & Techniques, by Perry & Potter, as a guide for professional nursing practices. The manual has been placed on line for easy access for all staff nurses to utilize.

In addition to its sitting committee, the PNP has an adjunct-consulting panel made up of practicing staff nurses from each nursing unit. The staff nurse consultants are expert bedside care providers who augment the work of the PNP committee by reviewing all standards that relate to their unique practice. The PNP Staff Nurse Consultants communicate with the PNP committee through their divisional representatives. The Staff Nurse Consultants ensure that the Department of Nursing standards of practice reflect the actual practice of nurses on our inpatient and outpatient units.