Work Related Health Care Services

Group of workers standing in a line

The Work-Related Health Care Services Office is the point of contact for employers and outside entities that refer workers’ compensation cases to the University. It also provides support for internal departments who provide services to injured workers. 

A main objective of the office is to foster a cooperative and informed relationship between UI Hospitals and Clinics and the employers, insurance carriers and case managers involved in the treatment and rehabilitation process of employees with occupational injuries or illnesses.

Krista Smeins, RN/BSN, the coordinator of the program, has worked at UI Hospitals and Clinics for more than 20 years and has extensive knowledge of the University system and providers. Krista is assisted by Valerie Jones.

The staff works with UI Hospitals and Clinics to set up appointments and services to assist in meeting the following employer needs:

  • Facilitate scheduling as needed for patients needing occupational health care at UI Hospitals and Clinics for work-related injuries or illnesses.
  • Assure that inquiries from employers and carriers with regard to the treatment status and work status of patients are handled expediently with one phone number to call to obtain information.
  • Cooperate with external case managers and other entities as needed to coordinate care and facilitate referrals.
  • Supervise, facilitate, and provide needed case management and coordination of services for patients.
  • Consult with outside entities and physicians at UI Hospitals and Clinics regarding return to work and restricted duty options and other back to work issues.

Other Services