ECMO Staff

ECMO Program Director

Joseph Turek, MD
Phone: 319-384-8365

Interim ECMO Program Coordinator

Kristina L. Rudolph, RN BSN
Office: 410 GH
Campus Mail: SE 545 GH
Office Phone: 319-384-9068
Pager: #2117

ECMO Specialists

An ECMO specialist can always be reached by calling the hospital operator at 319-356-1616 and requesting connection to pager #5104 (you will be asked to give your name).

Robert Anderson, RN
Molly Ballou, RN
Koey Boerschel, RRT
Jennifer Crumley, RN
Lindsey Denning, RN
Jodi Dufoe, RN
Ryan Frede, RRT
Haley Freese, RN
Doug Gorney, RN
Anna Rhodes, RN
Stephanie Halter, RN
Andrea Haynes, RN, BSN
Sarah Hill, RN
Teresa Julich, RN
Lynn Kuehl, RN
Deborah Lawrence, RN
Elizabeth Maroney, RN
Elizabeth Moore, RN
Nathan Neis, RN
Kristin Pavlovich, RN
Emily Poisel, RN
Kristina Rudolph, RN
Jeanette Shaffer, RRT
Carrie Swenka, RN
Laramie Wall, RN