Commonly Asked Questions: Clinical Research Studies

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What kinds of clinical research studies are there?

Behavioral research studies: The research team attempts to understand how certain behaviors affect or are related to various diseases, and if behavior modification can help prevent and treat disease.

Interventional research studies: The research team studies a specific medication, procedure and/or device to determine if the new approach provides a better treatment option.

Observational research studies: Researchers observe participants’ health for weeks, months, or even years, without changing prescribed treatments.

Diagnostic and screening studies: Researchers seek to improve ways in which we diagnose and detect disease.

Participation time and activities differ greatly between studies. Some studies involve medical procedures while others distribute quick surveys. Be sure and ask about what kind of involvement a study requires.

Should I participate in clinical studies?

Since choosing to participate in clinical research studies is such a personal decision, you should talk with your doctor and research study staff to ensure you understand everything involved. Participating in a research study might or might not directly benefit your health, but it can help you become more aware of your own health, provide access to new treatments and devices before they are widely available, and help shape more effective and safer treatments for people in the future.

Am I eligible to participate?

Whether you are completely healthy or living with a specific disease, researchers are always looking for people of all ages and ethnicities to participate in studies. Research teams use inclusion and exclusion criteria to determine an individual’s eligibility for each study. If you don’t qualify for one study, you may qualify for another.

Should I enroll my child in a research study?

We need to learn as much as we can about children’s needs, their experiences, and how their growing bodies react to things like baby formulas and medications as they grow and develop. Research studies involving children can help us better understand these things, so we can provide our kids with the best possible care available.

What should I ask my research team?

Before participating in a clinical trial, you may wish to discuss any questions you may have with the research team.

  • What is the purpose of this trial and how long will it last?
  • Is this trial safe? Do you think it might actually help me?
  • What medical tests and/or treatment will occur during the trial and are there any side effects?
  • What other treatments (if any) are available if this doesn’t work?
  • Has this treatment been used in any other trials?
  • Will my insurance cover the trial costs?
  • Will I need to make extra trips or visits and will I be paid for mileage/hotel costs?
  • Can I quit before the end of the trial?
  • Will I know what treatment I will be receiving?

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