Frequently Asked Questions: Clinical Staff Office

1) How does practitioner get privileges at UI Hospitals and Clinics?
Applications must be made through a clinical department.
2) How can a practitioner obtain a Federal DEA?
Call 1-800-882-9539. The DEA offers applications on their website.  If the practitioner will only be practicing at a UIHC site, the fee should be exempt for the department and the practitioner. A Department or Division Head may sign for this exemption.
3) Does the practitioner need to attach or send a copy of a hospital privilege letter or malpractice certificate from UIHC if he/she is applying to UIHC?
No. UIHC practitioners do not need to supply UIHC hospital privilege letters or copies of UIHC malpractice certificates, the CSO can obtain these in-house.
4) What is ongoing monitoring?
In addition to the monthly downloads of the Office of Inspector General to verify the lack of Medicare/Medicaid Sanctions, the CSO also checks the Iowa and Illinois Medical Boards to verify the lack of licensure sanctions. Interim Monitoring is conducted according to individual contract specifications.
5) Can a practitioner submit an Iowa Statewide Universal Practitioner Application before all the attachments are available?
Yes, after completing the entire application, signing and dating, the application may be submitted along with a photo (2-inch x 3-inch .jpg) and the Cover-Checklist indicating which attachments will follow. For example, an Iowa Medical License has not been issued yet. In the license section of the application, indicate this item is pending, on the Cover-Checklist indicate that the copy will follow, and send it as soon as it is received. By sending the application and photo before a license is issued, the CSO can begin processing to avoid delay. Please be sure to submit pending or missing required attachments as soon as possible to avoid continued delay application processing.
6) If a practitioner has moonlighted at a number of hospitals, does he/she need to list them all?
Yes, any and all hospital privileges should be listed on the application. The hospital privilege section of the application can be copied if additional space is needed or additional pages can be found on the appications pages can be found on the application link on this website.
7) If the practitioner has already completed the Iowa Statewide Universal Practitioner Application for another entity who has submitted it to the CSO, does he/she have to complete another one?
No, if the practitioner's information has previously been submitted to the CSO, call the UIHC department or the CSO directly at 319-384-9294. With the information in the database, the application can be preprinted and sent to the practitioner for his/her renewal (review, updating and signature).
8) If the practitioner will be getting married in the near future, which name is used?
Please indicate the current legal name at the time of the application completion, and enter in the "Other Names" section the new married name and/or other maiden name(s) and the effective and end date for each name.
9) Where can I get information about Iowa Medical Licensure or the Iowa Board of Medicine?
or 515-281-6641
10) What other services does the CSO provide?
The CSO sends notifications to practitioners and their respective departments concerning renewal of licenses, Federal and State DEA and CPR expirations, monitors renewals and obtains necessary primary source verifications retaining copies for the practitioner files located in the CSO. Services to outside entities can be customized to fit client needs.
11) What is a NPI?
National Provider Identifier. The NPI is part of the Administrative Simplification Provisions of HIPAA 1996. This number should eventually replace other practitioner numbers such as the UPIN, Medicare/Medicaid, and payor specific numbers. You can search for NPI numbers at