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Tinnitus Treatment Options
There are several treatments that can help people cope with their tinnitus, including counseling, sound therapy, hearing aids, psychological therapy, and medications.
Tinnitus Terms
A glossary of terms important for understanding tinnitus.
Tinnitus Recommendations
A list of general recommendations for people living with tinnitus.
Otitis Externa: Get Rid of Swimmer's Ear
Otitis externa, the clinical term for swimmer's ear, is an inflammation of the canal joining the eardrum to the external ear.
Vertigo: Frequently Asked Questions
The precise definition of vertigo is an illusion of motion. But in common parlance, it refers not just to illusions of motions but chronic or intermittent sensation of loss of balance.
Ear, Nose, and Throat Health
Otitis Externa: Get Rid of Swimmer's Ear Tinnitus Recommendations Tinnitus Terms Tinnitus Treatment Options Vertigo: Frequently Asked Questions