General Skin Care

Blue-Light Therapy
The addition of photodynamic, or "blue-light," therapy at UI Hospitals and Clinics is helping dermatologists ward off skin cancer in patients with actinic keratoses.
Eczema: The Dry Skin Disease
If you have dry skin and rough, red patches that itch, you may have one of several common skin problems called eczema.
Laser Surgery for Skin Problems and Tattoo Removal: FAQs
Dr. Christopher Arpey answers various questions regarding laser surgery, tattoo removal, and skin problems.
Poison Ivy: The Most Common of Allergens
Poison ivy is coated with a resin-like sap, which contains a chemical called urushiol. Every part of the plant contains the resin: leaves, stems and roots. Most people only come in contact with the leaves, but it is important to remember the entire plant can produce an allergic reaction.
Rheumatic Skin Disease
Frequently asked questions about skin problems with arthritis-related diseases
Skin Cancer Fact Sheet
Learn about each type, the factors that can increase your risk of skin cancer, and the ABC’s of early detection.
Winter Dry Skin
Dry skin is a very common skin problem and is often worse during the winter when environmental humidity is low (i.e., "winter itch").

Sun Care Tips

Is There a Safe Way to Tan?
A way to obtain a sun-kissed glow without the consequences
Our Sunscreen Recommendations
We recommend specific products because they less often cause harsh side effects on the skin.
A brief explanation of how people react differently to the sun
Protect Your Skin From Sun Damage
The basics on how to protect your skin from sun damage
Selecting a Sunscreen
The ideal, state-of-the-art sunscreen should have a high SPF rating and be well-tolerated, cosmetically pleasant, non-toxic, equally effective against UVA and UVB, photostable, water-resistant, and inexpensive.
Skin Problems Due to Sun Exposure
Different types of skin problems can be caused by excessive, long-term exposure to sunlight, including non-cancerous, pre-cancerous, and cancerous.
Sun Facts
Know the facts and your risk factors about how harmful the sun can be.
Sunscreen Tips
A must-know list of sunscreen tips to keep you and your family safe
UV Ray Index
Not all UV rays are the same. This chart explains the differences between them.
What is the Differece Between UVA and UVB Rays?
There are many different types of rays present in sunlight, so know the difference and the damage.