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Written by talented UI Hospitals and Clinics staff, our comprehensive library features articles and patient guides covering common health topics ranging from special procedures to general wellness. Stay informed about your health with these select educational materials.

Bariatric Surgery

People with obesity not only face the medical consequences of their disease, but also live with discrimination and guilt every day. The emotional and physical tolls can be devastating. For people who have exhausted all other options, bariatric surgery may be their best chance at becoming healthy.

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Burn Care

A guide for caring for burns either after they have been treated, or if they are being treated at home. This guide also includes advice on recovering from burns, both emotionally and physically.

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Cancer Care

We encourage our patients to "Never Stop Asking®." This page contains health articles aimed to provide a better understanding of various areas of cancer and cancer treatments.

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A guide for general skin care that also includes sunscreen tips and information on how to tan safely.

Dermatology Guide →

Ear, Nose, and Throat Health

Most of this information is about the treatment of tinnitus, but beyond that there is information on how to deal with swimmer's ear and information about vertigo.

Ear, Nose and Throat Health →


The endocrine system includes the pancreas, adrenal glands, and other glands that produce hormones to regulate the metabolism, growth, and development.

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Eye Care and Vision

This page contains information on many ailments that can effect the eyes, from how aging can change vision to cataracts and retinal detachment. There is also information on how to prevent damaging your eyes.

Eye Care and Vision →

Contact Lens

Beyond general eye care there is a specific way to take care of your eyes if you have contact lenses. This page includes information on how to handle different type of contact lenses, as well as advice on what kind of contact lenses you might like.

Contact Lens Care →

Laser Vision Correction and Refractive Surgery

Most people know of LASIK, the laser vision corrective surgery, but this page also contains information on LASEK and PRK.

Laser Vision Correction and Refractive Surgery →

Health and Nutrition

A lot of health issues can arise from poor nutrition. This page contains information on caffeine issues and hypoglycemia.

Health and Nutrition →

Healthy Recipes

Part of living a healthy lifestyle is eating right. To help with that, we have created a list of healthy recipes that are easy to make at home.

Healthy Recipes →

Heart and Vascular Care

In this page there is information not only about various heart surgeries and procedures, but also about how to protect your heart from possible vascular issues.

Heart and Vascular Care →

Guide to Heart Failure

Heart failure happens when the heart cannot pump enough blood through the body. Heart failure is common. This guide answers questions about heart failure, gives tips on how to prevent possible heart failure, and advice on how to live after heart failure.

Guide to Heart Failure →


Hematology is the study of blood, and this page answers questions about various blood disorders.

Hematology →

Hyperbaric Medicine

The Dr. Peter J.R. Jebson Hyperbaric Medicine Facility provides elite hyperbaric treatment to patients across Iowa and all of the Midwest. Compressed Air Therapy and Compressed Oxygen have been proven effective for a number of medical and surgical conditions. This is a guide to that unique treatment.

Hyperbaric Medicine →

Infectious Diseases

Many people have concerns about infectious diseases, and this page has information about HIV/AIDS and chicken pox, two infectious diseases that people often have questions about.

Infectious Diseases →

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is sometimes known as "general medicine" and tends to do with all general medical issues.

Internal Medicine →

Liver Disorders

This page focuses on liver disease, an issue most people do not have a clear understand of but have many questions about.

Liver and Biliary System Disorders →


Neurology is the study of the nervous system, though people frequently associate it with only the study of the brain. This page explains various neurological disorders – like epilepsy and insomnia – as well as different neurological tests.

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Acute Brain Injury

This booklet provides basic information about brain injury and its treatment. Please read it at your own pace. As you learn more about the brain, you will have many questions. Members of the health care team will do their best to answer your questions. Definite answers may not be known because the long term effects of brain injury can be difficult to predict.

Acute Brain Injury: A Guide for Family and Friends →

Oral Health

Oral Health →


Orthopedics is the branch of medicine dealing with the correction of bone or muscle issues. This page answers questions on back pain and back issues, knee issues, and other common problems people have with their bones and muscles.

Orthopedics →

Chronic Back Pain

Many people might think that it should be easy to find an effective treatment for the very common condition of chronic back pain. Physicians and researchers have developed sophisticated technology and can cure cancers and some genetic illnesses with new treatments and medications.

Chronic Back Pain →

Pain Management

Many health issues have pain as a symptom. There are many ways to manage pain, but this guide offers alternative treatment methods.

Pain Management →

Palliative Care

Palliative care is defined as “relieving or soothing the symptoms of a disease or disorder.” Many people mistakenly believe this means you receive palliative care only when you can’t be cured. This is a guide to palliative care that answers some questions people may have.

Palliative Care →

Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Services

Plastic surgery is a way to reconstruct or repair parts of the body to treat injuries or for cosmetic reasons. This is a comprehensive guide to an array of plastic surgery procedures.

Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Services →


Radiology is the use of x-rays or other high-energy radiation for diagnostic purposes and the treatment of disease.

Radiology →

Sports Medicine

Sports injuries often come from overuse or a lack of preparation. UI Sports Medicine offers treatment for these injuries, but also suggestions on how to prevent these injuries from happening.

Sports Medicine →

Transplant Services

Transplants are some of the scariest procedures to undergo. Because of this, we have made a guide for a couple of common transplant services.

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Urology is the study of problems in the urinary tract syndrome. Things urologists deal with can include vasectomies, hernias, kidney stones, and other issues. This is a guide for those with questions about these issues.

Urology →

Women's Health

Women and men are different on a very basic biological level, and because of that women have health issues that are unique to them.

Women's Health →

Problems with childbearing are often confusing and scary.This guide contains information on different issues infertile people may be facing.

Infertility Care →