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High Blood Pressure Clinic

Physicians in the High Blood Pressure Clinic serve patients with Hypertension in a comprehensive way. Normal blood pressure is regulated by the pumping of the heart and by the tension within our blood vessels. If the blood pressure is above certain levels it is called hypertension, and can lead to problems in parts of the body that may go unnoticed by the patient until damage is severe.

We look for the cause of high blood pressure and evaluate any organs that may be affected, including the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, nervous system, and eyes. After a thorough discussion with our patients, we may order blood, urine and radiologic tests that are designed to determine the cause of the high blood pressure, and if damage to the affected organs has occurred.

High blood pressure can be treated in several ways. These include recommendations for a healthier life-style (diet, exercise, reductions in weight, alcohol, smoking, and stress, if needed), medication, and in some cases, surgical intervention. We also encourage monitoring of blood pressure outside of the clinic setting and will work with our patients to find a way to accomplish this.

Our goals are to help patients prevent problems that often are associated with high blood pressure, and to promote a healthier lifestyle.

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