UI Hospitals and Clinics

Asperger Syndrome Clinic

The Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Service offers diagnostic and developmental evaluations, which address social, emotional, learning, communication, behavioral and school programming needs. Individualized treatment options and programming recommendations are made for medical, psychological, educational, speech language, behavioral management and parent support. This evaluation also addresses the needs of higher functioning students and critical transitions to high school, college and vocational programs. We may make referral for specialized services within UI Health Care or further evaluation/services within Child Psychiatry Services (such as individual therapy, family counseling, neuropsychological testing), as necessary. Call 319-356-1188 or 877-384-8999.

The Pediatric Psychology Service provides diagnostic assessment and treatment services for child and adolescents with question of Asperger's disorder including comprehensive neuropsychological assessment to differentiate this disorder from related conditions such as autism, nonverbal learning disorder or cognitive deficits. Call 888-573-5437 or 319-356-2434.

The Neuropsychology Service provides comprehensive psychological and neuropsychological assessment services to inpatients and outpatients. Such procedures are helpful in assessing persons with congenital or acquired cerebral dysfunction, learning/developmental disabilities, and the cognitive/emotional aspects of neuropsychiatric disorders. In persons with Asperger's disorder, careful neuropsychological assessment can assist in educational planning, vocational rehabilitation and disability determination. Call 319-353-6071 or 319-356-2063.