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Administrative Fellowship

July 2016 - June 2017


The University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC) Administrative Fellowship provides select individuals with post-graduate experience in an academic medical center that fosters development as a healthcare professional. The UIHC Fellowship offers broad involvement, interaction, and exposure to the corporate operations of this nationally-ranked teaching hospital and health sciences campus. The position offers a complete perspective of the organization, its relationship with the UI Carver College of Medicine, and the healthcare market. The Fellow will work under the supervision of the CEO of the Hospital and for UI Health Care (the corporate partnership between UI Hospitals and Clinics, UI Carver College of Medicine, and UI Physicians).

Application Process and Timeline

The application deadline for the 2016-2017 administrative fellowship is Friday, September 25. Learn more about the application process and timeline.


The CEO of UI Hospitals and Clinics, Kenneth Kates, acts as preceptor to the administrative fellow and determines, with the fellow, the content of the fellowship. At the beginning of the fellowship, the fellow will meet with the preceptor to determine goals and project work interest. The fellow will have ongoing interaction with the entire administrative team and meet with the team regularly on a broad range of operational issues.

The term "structured flexibility" most accurately describes the design of the UIHC fellowship. The content of the experience is tailored to best match individual and organization needs. As such, the following components and characteristics provide a framework for defining the fellowship experience:


  • Adoption of program goals and objectives, including periodic review with the CEO
  • Open access to the CEO and the entire management staff
  • Participation in senior management meetings, where direction, policy, and strategic planning issues are addressed for the hospital and UI Health Care
  • Participation in central corporate functions (e.g. finance and general operations)
  • Participation in the completion of special projects/programs central to the hospital and UI Health Care (e.g. Joint Commission preparation, budget development, clinical program analysis, etc.)
  • Assumption of a partial role as the service representative for the Office of the CEO
  • Participation in the educational process within the University of Iowa Graduate Program in Health Management and Policy


  • The UIHC Administrative Fellowship Program is well-established making the organization fully equipped to offer a rich and engaging experience
  • Primary focus on the fellow's assimilation of knowledge, development of attitude and philosophy toward the field, and further refinement of a management style
  • Intention of broadening the range of post-fellowship employment opportunities by providing exposure to a various corporate activities of the hospital and UI Health Care  
  • Commitment of the entire staff to integrate and retain high quality fellows within the organization post-fellowship  


The UIHC Administrative Fellowship involves a one-year commitment. Fellows will receive a competitive salary, plus generous benefits.

Current Administrative Fellows

Michael Baca Ben Dahlberg

Michael Baca, MHA '15
University of Iowa

Ben Dahlberg, MBA MHA '15
Saint Louis University