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EBP to Go™: Accelerating Evidence-Based Practice

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EBP to GO: Accelerating Evidence-Based Practice               

Avoid recreating the wheel! The ready to use EBP to GO booklets provide clinically relevant pre-screened resources and tools to supplement clinical practice recommendations and support adoption of EBP on diverse topics. The tools facilitate nurses in accelerating the EBP process and to build team expertise for implementation and evaluation.

  • Thermoregulation for Adult Trauma Patients
    How do you manage varying degrees of hypothermia in ED trauma patients? Hypothermia contributes to poor patient outcomes and increased mortality. A nurse-driven protocol directs tapering interventions to meet individual patient needs.
  • Pain Assessment for Older Adults
    How should pain be assessed for older adults? Patient preferences are an integral part of EBP and self-report of pain. Pain assessment is an essential first step for effective management on complex medical-surgical units.
  • Oral Assessment for Oncology Patients
    Need an evidence-based assessment tool for oral mucositis? Lack of consistent use of reliable and valid tools for the assessment of oral mucositis has resulted in limited progress in its prevention and treatment. Valid and reliable tools capture changes in the oral mucosa in order to track progression and screen for complications.
  • Oral Care for Oncology Patients
    What is the low cost but often under-utilized intervention for patients with oral mucositis? There is no treatment currently available (e.g., a medication) to prevent oral mucositis, and research to guide practice is limited. Attention needs to be focused on promoting good oral health through use of oral care, to decrease the severity and duration of oral mucositis.

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