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Evidence-Based Practice Staff Nurse Internship Program

The EBP Staff Nurse Internship facilitates staff nurses leading EBP projects that address a clinically relevant issue for their patients.  The Iowa Model (The Iowa Model Collaborative, in review; Titler, et al., 2001) is used as the framework for the process.  This basic level program has resulted in significant impacts on improving care and outcomes.

Available for purchase customized to your facility:

  • Training program at your facility with UIHC Faculty 
  • Overview of program available at no charge
  • Program Training Manual for program conducted by purchaser ($2,500)
  • Program conducted at a site selected by the purchaser with UIHC faculty.  Program manual and other materials provided by UIHC and local faculty ($20,000).

If you have questions, contact:

Laura Cullen, MA, RN, FAAN, EBP Coordinator
Phone:  1-319-384-9144; Fax:  1-319-356-4348

Citation:  Cullen, L. & Titler, M.G. (2004).  Promoting evidence-based practice: An internship for staff nurses.  Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing,1(4), 215-223.  

Related online article: http://nursing.advanceweb.com/Features/Articles/Promoting-Evidence-Based-Practice.aspx

 EBP Staff Nurse Internship Training Manual: $2,500.00 - Qty: