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Cancer Center Celebrates One-Year Anniversary

One year ago the new cancer care facility at UI Hospitals and Clinics opened. It brought the clinical expertise of Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center faculty and staff into one area of the hospital. What was that impact on our community? The 1,100 faculty and staff at the cancer center:

  • Cared for patients from 98 of 99 Iowa counties and 45 of 50 states
  • Treated 37,950 patients. 10,943 of those people were new patients to the cancer center
  • Saw those patients a total of 167,887 times
  • Delivered 10,895 chemotherapy treatments, 17,397 radiation therapy treatments, and 131 bone marrow transplants
  • Placed 310 people on therapeutic clinical trials and 903 patients on non-therapeutic research trials.

Take a 360° virtual tour of the facility.