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Hemophilia Clinic teamThe Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC) is committed to provide the best care for individuals with bleeding disorders. To accomplish this mission we offer state-of-the-art comprehensive clinical care, education to patients and their families and accessibility to clinical research projects that are oriented to improve the lives of people with these types of disorders. The center provides services to more than 400 patients, both pediatric and adult, from Iowa and western Illinois who have been diagnosed with a bleeding disorder.

The HTC staff consults on the diagnosis, evaluation and the treatment of persons with bleeding disorders, and the staff serves as consultants to local health care professionals. The patient's physical and psychosocial well-being are paramount to the HTC's provision of care.

The center provides annual comprehensive care to patients who have been diagnosed with hemophilia, von Willebrand Disease, acquired inhibitors of coagulation; platelet disorders and other clotting factor deficiencies. Patients are seen by a specialized staff that consists of two nurses, a physical therapist, a dental hygienist, a physician, social worker and other health care providers, as the patient's health care needs dictate.

The center staff develops a care plan, based upon the annual comprehensive care visit. The care plan is shared with the patient's local health care professionals, which allows the patient to receive appropriate care locally.

Care Team

Medical Oncologist

Pediatric Oncologist

Physician, Internal Medicine