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Cardiac Rehabilitation (CHAMPS) Clinic

CHAMPS, UI Hospitals and Clinics Cardiovascular Health, Assessment, Management and Prevention Service, offers several cardiovascular health programs, including programs that emphasize:

  • Prevention
  • Outpatient (phase II rehabilitation)
  • Maintenance
  • Personal training
  • Education

For more information on inpatient cardiac rehab services in Roy Carver and John Colloton Pavilions, please contact the program director at 319-356-8899.

Our CHAMPS services are also available for patients at Iowa River Landing. Located at the Coralville interchange on Interstate 80 (exit 242), UI Hospitals and Clinics - Iowa River Landing offers patients easy access, free parking, several amenities, and a state-of-the-art building for delivering outstanding patient care.

Prevention Program

The program is tailored to help reduce your risk factors. The first step is a preliminary evaluation that may include:

  • ECG-monitored functional evaluation—This assesses your heart and vascular response to exercise.
  • Lipid profile—This measures your blood cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL and HDL.
  • Nutrition Assessment—Our dietitian can help you with cholesterol management, weight control, diabetes management.
  • Physical assessment—This determines your level of physical activity. The information is used to tailor the program to your abilities.
  • HgA1c testing

Once the evaluation is complete and the CHAMPS staff has studied the results, they will work with you to develop a program to help reduce the risk factors in your life through exercise, personal training and education.

To enroll in the program, check with your physician. He or she may order laboratory or other diagnostic tests before you enroll. You can enroll directly with CHAMPS and we can contact your physician and carry out any orders before you begin.

There is a fee to participate in the prevention program. Please call us at 319-467-2000 for more information.

Prevention program hours are:

  • Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Iowa River Landing

Outpatient Program (Phase II Rehabilitation)

If you have had a heart attack, angina, pectoris, peripheral vascular disease, heart surgery (bypass or valve), balloon, stent or artherectomy, the CHAMPS program can help you reduce the risk factors in your life while strengthening your cardiovascular system. You must have a physician referral for this program.

The program consists of six 12-week sessions that include exercise and education. Throughout the program, our cardiovascular rehabilitation specialists will evaluate your progress. Each session includes closely monitored exercise (with electrocardiogram and blood pressure) and information to help you control your risk factors.

The outpatient program includes classes on:

  • Heart disease
  • Risk factors
  • Exercise
  • Stress management
    • Relaxation and imagery
    • Assertiveness
    • Coping mechanisms
    • Time management
  • Nutrition
    • Cholesterol-lowering diets
    • Weight management
    • Grocery shopping
    • Deciphering labels

Most insurance companies pay for some, or all, of the outpatient program. Check with your medical insurance provider for information about your coverage.

Personal Training

CHAMPS offers personal training to prevention and maintenance program participants. As part of the prevention program evaluation, your trainer will develop an individualized program for you, taking into account your goals and concerns. The plan will help modify your risk for cardiovascular disease, increase fat-free mass, make fitness fun and increase your quality of life. The plan balances nutrition, cardiovascular training and strength training.

There is a fee for our personal training services. If you meet with a personal trainer at least 4 times per month, you get to utilize the facility for free. Please call our office at 319-467-2000 for more information.

Personal training hours are by appointment only.

Education Program

The CHAMPS staff members teach a number of classes:

  • Heart disease class covers the basics of cardiac anatomy and function. The patient will learn what their medications and treatment are for as well as when to call their doctor.
  • Risk factors class answers questions such as "What are the risk factors of heart disease?" and "Which risk factors are modifiable?" The patient will understand their individual risk factors and how to prevent coronary artery disease progression.
  • Principles of exercise class covers the basics of exercise and weight training. Patients will gain an understanding of the principles of exercise frequency, duration, signs and symptoms of exercise intolerance and the benefits of regular exercise.
  • Stress management class teaches stress management techniques such as relaxation and imagery, assertiveness, coping mechanisms and time management.
  • Diet class covers such topics as cholesterol-lowering diets, weight management, dining out, grocery shopping and deciphering labels.
  • Individual instruction on exercising with diabetes, exercising with peripheral vascular disease and smoking cessation is also available.

Care Team

Physician, Internal Medicine