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While some people may benefit from the latest technologies in spine surgery, much of the newest research in spine care focuses on long-established principles of non-surgical treatments for chronic back pain using exercise and stress management.

The Spine Rehabilitation Program is a comprehensive two-week program that involves a firm commitment from you to change how you deal with chronic pain. You should consider Spine Rehabilitation if you:

  • Have chronic pain and are not a candidate for surgery
  • Demonstrate a desire to improve your situation
  • Are willing to actively participate in all areas of the Spine Rehabilitation Program
  • Are willing to eliminate or significantly reduce use of prescription pain medication

The program helps you develop skills to manage your pain more effectively while improving your quality of life. All activities take place in the UI Spine Rehabilitation Unit, a non-residential group setting where you learn and work with others who also experience chronic spine pain.

The goal of the program is to help you develop a clear plan for the future that will allow you to:

  • Become more active and stay active
  • Understand the role of conditioning and fitness to manage pain
  • Use medication safely and appropriately
  • Learn new psychological skills to cope with stress and pain
  • Develop a vocational plan that will enable you to return safely to full-or part-time employment

Read the successful UI Spine Rehabilitation Program patient stories from Brent, who injured his back in the military, and Beth, who injured her back by preventing her father from falling.

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