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Golf Rehabilitation Clinic

Golf-specific fitness is necessary for anyone with a passion for golf. Add distance. Avoid injury. Take your game to that next level. Our Golf to Your Advantage program can:

  • Give you better mastery over the physical limitations of your game
  • Help fine tune movement combinations that support your swing
  • Improve flexibility, strength and balance
  • Increase driving distance
  • Reach your golf potential

Newer swing mechanics are more physically demanding, increasing the need for conditioning and specific fitness to support your particular swing. With a well-designed program, you can make more consistently satisfying shots, do what the golf pros say you should do and continue enjoying golf for years to come.

The primary factors responsible for golf injuries include:

  • Fitness issues, including limited flexibility, strength and balance, as well as muscle imbalances, incompatible movement combinations and fatigue.
  • Inadequate warm up
  • Faulty, inefficient swing mechanics
  • Overuse
  • Hitting a solid object (not the golf ball) at impact

A golf-focused fitness evaluation, including video and still photography, is conducted by a therapist specially trained in the areas of golf fitness and rehabilitation. A program of golf-related exercises is then developed to fit your exercise style. You may select from single-visit to multiple-visit packages.