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Chest Pain

Some people with chest pain have all the signs and symptoms of a heart attack. Others have clues that tell providers that their chest pain is not a heart attack and it may be something as simple as indigestion.

But there are some people who are in between and doctors and other providers can't tell if they are having a heart attack or not. It is for them that UI Heart and Vascular Center has partnered with the Emergency Department at UI Hospitals and Clinic to offer a Chest Pain Center.

The Chest Pain Center allows us to monitor the patient for six to eight hours to know if they are having a heart attack or not. This way they are not having an unnecessary hospital stay and they are not sent home with a question about why they had chest pain. What sets us apart is that during their visit, patients receive consultations with people who can help them learn what they can do about heart disease so that they are not back in the Emergency Department with a heart attack later.

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