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UI Women’s Health is excited to offer an enhanced model of prenatal care, called CenteringPregnancy®. CenteringPregnancy® combines monthly health assessments, prenatal education, and peer support into one streamlined program.

Everybody’s pregnancy is different but many of the changes and challenges are shared by all pregnant women. Sometimes it can be difficult to know what’s normal, and what’s not. This program offers a comfortable setting to share your experiences among peers, along with the opportunity to learn from a supportive and knowledgeable health care provider.

How does CenteringPregnancy® work?Centering Pregnancy Group

If you choose CenteringPregnancy® for your prenatal care, you will meet with the same small group of women once a month throughout your pregnancy. These sessions are led by an obstetrician or certified nurse midwife and last about two hours

What happens at CenteringPregnancy® sessions?

 First, each participant will have a individual health assessment with the provider. This one-on-one time is similar to what you would expect during a traditional prenatal visit.

The remaining time is dedicated to a guided group discussion. Topics include nutrition, preparing for labor and delivery, contraception, breastfeeding, parenting and newborn care, as well as the physical changes women experience during pregnancy.

Doctor with Patient

With individual care you have about 3 hours with a provider during the whole pregnancy; in Centering you will have over 16 hours of time to learn, ask questions and make new friends.

Who is a good candidate for CenteringPregnancy®?

Everyone! Women who have had several babies before find they learn new things during Centering and also have great experience to share with those pregnant for the first time.

What about partners?

Partners or other support person are welcome to be involved in Centering care. We do ask that the same person attend the sessions. If you do have children we ask that you arrange care for them so that you can focus on your own care and learning during your Centering appointments.

How do I choose CenteringPregnancy® instead of the traditional model of care?

Your first prenatal visit will be an individual appointment with one of our physicians or midwives. If you are interested in Centering care just let them know and you will be scheduled for a group that corresponds with your due date. The person you see at your first visit will be considered your primary provider; your Centering care provider will update this person during your pregnancy and you will likely have some individual visits with them toward the end of the pregnancy.