Preventing and Recognizing Gynecologic Cancers

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Gynecologic cancers will affect more than 83,000 women this year. About 28,000 will die, many because they didn't recognize the symptoms until the cancer was at an advanced stage. There are five main types of reproductive system cancer, each with its own symptoms and suggestions for prevention. The good news is that regular gynecologic screenings can find cancer early enough for treatment. Even better is that some cancers can be prevented altogether with simple vaccines and lifestyle changes.

Chef Tracy will taught a cooking class focusing around a French cuisine.Then, while the participants enjoyed the delicious final product, our Dr. Kelly Ward taught them the facts about the five reproductive system cancers, including subtle symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options.

The Menu

  • Appetizer: Fresh Greens Salad with light vinaigrette
  • Main Course: Stuffed Breast of Chicken with ham and brie Pommes Duchesse
  • Dessert: Crème Brulee

The Presentation

Preventing and Recognizing Gynecologic Cancers -- Kelly Ward, MD