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Lung Cancer

What to Expect with Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy means treatment with chemicals or medicine. Most people use the term, chemotherapy or "chemo," to mean treatment of cancer with medicines. Chemotherapy is one of the types of treatment for cancer. Surgery, for instance, removes the cancerous tumor. Radiation therapy kills cancer cells that are in the radiation’s beam. Immunotherapy helps rid the body of cancer by making the body’s immune system stronger. Chemotherapy stops or slows the growth and division of cancer cells. Sometimes it takes all four of those cancer treatments to cure or control certain cancers.

Colon Cancer Facts

Get all the facts with this easy to understand in-depth guide on colon cancer. We'll cover causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatments, and more.

Managing Eating Problems During Cancer Treatment

Following are some problems you may experience during cancer treatment. Learn ways to prevent or help these symptoms.

Holden Cancer Tips

Each month staff members of the Cancer Resource Center at Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center publish Cancer Tips for a broad group of readers. Cancer Tips provide guidelines for living a healthier, cancer-free life.