Back Pain After Falling on Ice
Some suggestions about how to take care of a back injury from falling.
Chronic Back Pain: A guide for patients and families
The UI Spine Center outlines what to do in the case of chronic back pain.
High Arches: You don't have to live with the pain
Frederick Dietz, MD provides information on how to deal with arch pain.
Instructions for Patients Wearing a Cast
A useful guide that shows how to care for both synthetic and plaster casts.
Knee Arthroscopy: A patient guide
Knee injuries are becoming more prevalent among the general population. This booklet covers knee anatomy, typical knee injuries, treatment choices, and rehabilitation.
Osteoporosis Fact Sheet
When a person has osteoporosis, those pores become much larger and make the bones brittle and weak.
Total Knee Replacement: A patient guide
A guide outlying what to expect with a total knee replacement, and how to prepare for one.