Multiple Myeloma Patient Story Videos


Gary and Monica Hanson discuss Monica's mutliple myeloma treatment and why they came all the way from Hawaii to seek treatment. Two years after her tandem stem cell transplant, Monica is now in complete remission.


Anthony LaRussa (Birmingham, Ala.), a multiple myeloma survivor since 1999, owes his success to UI Hospitals and Clinics, "the place that will give you results."


"I think I am at the right place for what I have and I'm with the right people." – Tom Brannan


"I knew there was something very wrong with me. Then I was finally diagnosed with multiple myeloma. That's when I reached out to a family friend who was a patient and he told me 'Don't let anybody touch you here in Miami. Go straight to see Doctor Tricot.' It's been 10 years since my last transplant." – Maria Delavega


"Doctor Tricot told me all the reasons why the protocol he would give to me would keep me alive. That was the clincher. Nobody else really said that to me." – Carol Pepe