Multiple Myeloma: Your Stay in Iowa City

Initially, every new patient will go through a diagnostic work up and consultation with one of our myeloma specialists. You should plan on spending 4-5 days in Iowa City for two full days of testing and the consultation.

For each tandem transplant treatment, a patient will need to stay in Iowa City for about one month. Patients are vulnerable during the treatment process and we want them to stay close to the hospital so they have immediate access to our medical team if they need it.


"I think I am at the right place for what I have and I'm with the right people." --Tom Brannan

Our patients have their clinic visits during the day, but they stay in a hotel or extended-stay facility overnight where they can have some privacy and relax away from the hospital setting.

Because patients from all over the country seek myeloma care at Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center, Iowa City becomes their home away from home. The staff at UI Health Care works hard to do all we can to make your time here as comfortable as possible.

For patients flying in for treatment, the closest airport is the Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids (airport code CID). This airport is about 25 minutes from our clinic in Iowa City.

Another airport near Iowa City is the Quad City International Airport (airport code MLI), in Moline, Illinois. This airport is a little over an hour from our clinic, but this option may be worth looking into to see if airfare is lower for flying to this airport.

The Your Visit section of our website contains helpful information, including driving directions and parking, places to stay, places to eat, and things to do while you are in Iowa City.