Multiple Myeloma Program

We Are Different from Other Treatment Centers

Our specialists have more than two decades of experience treating multiple myeloma. They have each treated more than 5,000 multiple myeloma patients.

The Multiple Myeloma Program at Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center — Iowa's only NCI-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center — is known for its tandem autologous transplant treatment, an approach offered at very few medical centers around the country. Research demonstrates that the median survival rate with this treatment process is 10 years or more and that 80% of newly diagnosed myeloma patients will achieve complete remission. No other treatment method for multiple myeloma has proven to be as effective in research studies.

“When I started treating myeloma, the median survival for patients was about two and a half years," Guido Tricot, MD, PhD says. "Today, we have aggressive and effective therapies available, like our tandem transplant protocol, that have increased the median survival to more than 10 years. My goal is to keep patients alive with the best quality of life possible until we find a cure.”


Gary and Monica Hanson discuss Monica's mutliple myeloma treatment. "I about fell out of my chair...when he said 'I can cure you.' That sold me!" – Gary Hanson

Tricot, MD, PhD also has extensive knowledge in treating and evaluating patients with myeloma-related conditions, like amyloidosis, MGUS, plasmacytomas, Waldenström's disease, and Castleman’s disease.

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