Introducing CenteringPregnancy®

Pregnancy is a life event—one filled with excitement and anticipation, as well as the unknown. During this special time in their life, women rely on their care providers—physicians, midwives and nurse practitioners—to guide them through their pregnancy. UI Women’s Health is excited to offer an enhanced model of prenatal care known as CenteringPregnancy—a unique model of prenatal care in groups.

Each woman has an individual prenatal visit at the beginning of her pregnancy which would include her physical exam. If you choose the CenteringPregnancy model you will be one of eight to 12 mothers who will meet in a group through the remainder of your prenatal visits. Partners or a support person is also welcome to attend. These meetings offer a supportive and collaborative environment for women to share pregnancy experiences—whether it is physical, emotional or medical. Three primary components of care are included in each group meeting: health assessment, education and support.


Being Part of a CenteringPregnancy Group

A CenteringPregnancy group meets monthly for approximately 90 minutes to two hours. The group is led by a health care provider—at UI Women’s Health that health care provider may be a doctor or a nurse midwife. Regular health assessments such as belly checks and heart tones are done privately at the beginning of the session, allowing for the one-on-one care of a traditional prenatal visit. A guided discussion on specific topics with group participation follows and is a cornerstone of the meeting’s success.

Group discussion topics include nutrition, preparing for labor and delivery, contraception, breast feeding, domestic violence, safety issues, conflict resolution, parenting and newborn care as well as the physical changes women go through during pregnancy.

Members of the group may be first-time mothers (or parents), or they may be expecting their third or fourth child. Each pregnancy experience is different so the group approach offers support and perspective to each member. Real life experiences are combined with the medical care of pregnancy.

The CenteringPregnancy model has been demonstrated to improve several key outcomes for pregnancy. We hope participating in CenteringPregnancy will offer advice and support on making lifestyle changes that can positively impact this pregnancy and for any in your future.


Benefits of a CenteringPregnancy Group

  • More time with the health care provider
  • Support and friendship of other pregnant women
  • Increased educational opportunities
  • Encourages support person involvement
  • Convenience of scheduled prenatal appointments throughout pregnancy

If you are interested in joining our next CenteringPregancy group, please let our staff know and we will assist you in scheduling your first group session.

If you have questions regarding whether CenteringPregnancy is for you, please consult with your care provider.