Bariatric Surgery Success Story with Lindsey

If You Want it Bad Enough, Anything is Possible

Dr. Samuel and his caring staff changed my life. I have lost 136 pounds after having gastric bypass surgery at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. I was fully prepared for everything before, during, and after surgery because of the program at UI Hospitals and Clinics.

I was at my breaking point when I heard about gastric bypass surgery. It was Thanksgiving 2002, and I was embarrassed and depressed. Nothing fit and my body ached. I had trouble sitting comfortably in an airplane seat and had developed gout. I had reached my all-time highest weight of 269 pounds. I’d struggled with my weight since the age of seven when I was diagnosed with a curable disease of my right hip.

Of course, I always used that as my excuse for getting big because I had been taken out of almost every sport I was in at the time. But I also used this as my excuse long after I was cured. The excuses needed to stop. I was slowly killing myself with food. I went from weight-loss program to weight-loss program, always searching for a magic pill, something to cure my mind with the extreme embarrassment and depression I felt as a result.

I was upset with myself. I had my life on track other than my weight. I found the love of my life and had a supportive family, a fun and rewarding job, and I have traveled throughout Southeast Asia with only a backpack and a dream of adventure. But the one thing, no matter how many different diets I had tried or programs I had been on, the weight always came back. It was the one thing I could not get a grasp on. I loved food so much.

Gastric bypass was the tool I needed to accomplish the one thing I couldn’t do on my own. Just as important as the surgery, it was the way I was prepared by my nurse, Debi, and my surgeon, Dr. Isaac Samuel. They were with me 100% of the way. They encouraged me and supported me. They are still supporting me even a year after my surgery date.

I’ve made a lifelong commitment to this surgery and to the people who have helped me get there that I will succeed, and I will encourage others to succeed as well.

I would do this a million times over knowing the joy it has brought me. I have such a bright future ahead now! I don’t feel bad when I move or see pain in my eyes when I look in a mirror. I have a second chance to live my life the way I have always dreamed.  Thank you Dr. Samuel. Thank you Debi, for helping me with that second chance.