IVF Program Selection Criteria

The following criteria are used in selecting couples for the IVF program:

Medical Indications:

  • Infertility of all causes
  • Selection of unaffected embryos to prevent a genetic disease
  • Recurrent miscarriage (rarely)

Couples who have medical indications for IVF must also must meet the following criteria:

Age Criteria

  • Women using their own eggs - We treat women up until age 43, however we will consider treating women before their 45th birthday provided they meet additional criteria.
  • Women using donor eggs - Eggs from an anonymous donor, known donor, or identified donor may be used up to a woman's 50th birthday.
  • Women using frozen embryos - Frozen embryos must be used by a woman's 50th birthday.

Substance Abuse - No partner currently abusing alcohol, narcotics, or illicit drugs will be accepted until completion of a substance abuse program. All smokers will be encouraged to quit.

Emotional Health - Persons diagnosed or exhibiting severe psychiatric disturbance will not be allowed to participate in our program until completion of corrective therapy. Additionally, couples who show evidence of a severely dysfunctional, unstable, or abusive relationship will be required to receive therapy prior.

Physical Health - Being over weight can adversely affect the outcome of treatments and result in higher risk pregnancies. Patients will be encouraged to lose weight prior to treatment.

Learn more about obesity and infertility here.

Infectious Disease Testing* - Blood tests for HIV, Hepatitis (B surface antigen and C antibody) and RPR (Syphilis) are required for both partners. These should be ordered by your local physician and results may be mailed or faxed to us or hand carried to your preliminary appointment.

Other Testing (Childbearing Female Partner Only)* - Documentation (blood test) of immunity to rubella and a recent pap smear.

*If this testing is not done and results available prior to your preliminary appointment, participation in an IVF treatment cycle may be delayed. Male partners will not be allowed to freeze a semen sample at preliminary appointment if results of infectious disease testing are not available.