Vasectomy Reversal Cost Package

The University of Iowa Department of Urology is pleased to announce a package rate for vasectomy reversal patients.

Through a special cooperative effort between the Department of Anesthesia, the Department of Urology and the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, we offer a package rate for the cost of vasectomy reversals. The special rate covers the procedure and one follow-up visit. This allows the patient to know what the cost will be before they decide to have the procedure.

The package rate is $8,500, and is for patients who do not have insurance coverage. It includes all hospital and physician charges for the surgical procedure (vasovasostomy/epididymovasostomy). This plan does not include the cost of the initial consultation, extraction and freezing of sperm (optional), any charge for additional care and tests beyond the recovery status, complications from the surgery, or take-home prescription medications dispensed the day of surgery.

Payment of $4,250 is required at least two weeks prior to the surgical procedure with the remaining half put into a 12-month payment plan, unless the procedure will be paid for by the patient’s insurance.

This procedure will be provided by Moshe Wald, M.D., Male Infertility Specialist.

To refer a patient, please call 1-888-573-5437 or 319-356-2421.

For more information concerning the surgical procedures offered, please contact Moshe Wald, M.D. at 319-356-8922 or

For more information about the plan cost, please call Patient Financial Services at 319-384-6275 or 1-866-452-8506.

Vasectomy Reversals: Frequently Asked Questions